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Lendr Finance

Community Driven
DeFi Platform

Lendr Finance takes the best innovation of the DeFi ecosystems to combine them in a single decentralized plattform.  Being apart of the next financial revolution should be easy. which is why we are launching a community based protocols for all the average Joes out there.

Simplifiying interest optimazation

Lendr will always look for the best interest on the market for the Liquidity providers.

Maximize gains

Maximize your gains on the lendr platform by holding the lendr token.

Secure interaction with smart contracts

Lendr is built on top of Ethereum and will carefully devolop our financial instruments as the platform grows.

LENDR public sale stages

Its almost time for our public sale. If you are interested in buying the LENDR Token.
Check out the information below for more details about the sale.



Public sale

Growing a completely new ecosystem

The breakthrough of DeFi is that crypto assets can now be put to use in ways not possible with fiat or “real world” assets. Decentralized exchanges, synthet- ic assets, and flash loans are completely novel applications that can only exist on blockchains. This paradigm shift in financial infrastructure presents a number of advantages with regard to risk, trust, and opportunity.

The Lendr DeFi Project will provide an easy and seamless opportunity to everyone interested in being a part pf the DeFi Boom.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

Who we are

Lendr DeFi is a Blockchain technology company.
Our mission is to stimulate the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging tra- ditional and decentralized finance. We promote solutions that connect busi- nesses, financial institutions, and banks with distributed ledger systems. Our core technology is a next-generation Blockchain infrastructure called Lendr Chain.
Services built on the Lendr Chain platform permits lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, more efficiency, and global reach.
Lendr DeFi is the next groundbreaking milestone of modern-day finance. We aim at providing a universal DeFi platform for the average customer. We have designed our platform to be easy and accessible to anyone interested in harnessing the potential of Decentralized finance.

The Lendr DeFi Project will provide an easy and seamless opportunity to everyone interested in being a part pf the DeFi Boom.



A strong community is key for every crypto project. We want our holders to have as much influence on the project as our self. By holding $LENDR token you will be able to anticipate in votings and will be able to claim rewards based on the amount of LENDR tokens you have.

One-click staking

OCS makes it super easy to stake your favorite crypto projects built on Ethereum. its all powered by our LENDR smart contract. This makes staking handled in a simple and decentralized way instead of using a centralized service.


Billions of people from the developing countries are being exploited by local financiers, who are taking their interests to benefit themself

Community Rewards

Earn rewards based on the amount of lendr tokens you have. provide with governance and receive future airdrops.

The future of finance​

There is no doubt that the dev team believes the future of finance belongs to a decentralized structure. Our goal is to provide a self dependent plattform that gives everyone access to the basics in a decentralized environment all powered by smart contracts on top of the ethereum network.​​


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